Rebuilding Connection, Intimacy and Closeness

Whether it’s communication breakdowns, conflict resolution, intimacy issues, or feeling disconnected, couples counselling can provide a working platform to explore these difficulties and rediscover the closeness and connection within the relationship.

What does couples counselling typically involve?

Here are some examples of what couples can focus on in their therapy:

Understanding of conflict and navigating through conflict resolution: Learning to identify and address the underlying patterns that fuel disagreements, misunderstandings, and distance.

Exploring what blocks intimacy and desire: through deepening the understanding of each other’s needs, couples can work towards increasing their physical and emotional closeness.

Navigating past hurts and traumas: Acknowledging the impact of past experiences on the present dynamics within the couple and working through unresolved issues that may be repeatedly resurfacing and causing issues.

Developing authentic communication: Learning to express needs and feelings authentically, listening with empathy and understanding, and cultivating a genuine dialogue that fosters connection and trust.

What to expect

A collaborative environment: both partners are given space and attention, creating an environment where both voices are heard and respected.

Tailored approach: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The work is carried out in a collaborative manner in order to understand the couple’s specific needs and develop a pathway that addresses their particular situation.

Looking underneath the surface: Exploring the unconscious forces shaping the relationship patterns and emotional responses.

Attachment-informed therapy: Understanding the couple’s early attachment styles and how these impact their current interactions.

Taking the first step

Free initial session

It is essential that there is a good match between the couple’s needs and the therapist’s style of working. For this reason the initial session is free of charge, allowing you to decide whether my approach is right for you.

Couples counselling training and qualifications.