You’re welcome as you are

Coming to therapy can make you feel nervous. Will I get on with the counsellor? How much will I need to say about myself? Will I be able to describe what I want to work on? These and similar questions are common. That’s why my main objective is to make you feel welcome and for you to know that whatever is on your mind can be explored in a non-critical and open way.

I want you to know that you are safe here. You can rest assured that it is okay to ‘blurt it all out’, because we will be able to make sense of things together. You can also take your time to think and be quiet as you gather your thoughts. There is no pressure to go into topics you don’t want to speak about. You might find it difficult to explain what you want to address in counselling and what your objectives are – that is fine, as it can take time to clarify these questions.

In short, you are welcome exactly as you are.

My intentions when working with you

  • To listen carefully
  • To be genuinely curious
  • To offer reflections and observations
  • To collaborate with you on finding new ways of thinking and behaving

What previous clients said

‘Miro’s approach was both practical and emotionally supportive. I struggled with feeling down and he helped me to understand why I felt so stuck and how to connect to my inner strength again. I recovered fully and my life is so much more enjoyable now. I am very grateful.’

‘When I met Miro I suffered from anxiety and self-doubt. What struck me most was Miro’s unrelenting trust and belief in me, especially at times when I felt lost and wanted to give up therapy. Our sessions were very helpful for me, and I’m still benefiting from the skills I’ve learnt.’

‘Miro could really tune into what I was feeling and thinking, which helped me to understand myself better. I was going through a painful divorce and felt overwhelmed. Miro helped me to be more in control of my feelings again – his support was invaluable.’

‘I am very grateful for the support Miro gave me and for making me recognise that I was still a worthy person during a very difficult time of my life. The sessions were extremely helpful. I am now much more at ease with myself and can enjoy things again. Thank you so much.’

‘Miro is a very skilful counsellor. I saw other counsellors before but with Miro I felt understood and truly supported. He was both very encouraging but also sometimes challenging and I needed that. I will always draw on the skills I learned in my sessions.’