Being Truly Heard and Accepted

Starting counselling is a courageous step and it is vital to know, right from the start, that you are welcome just as you are. Working with me will provide you with a comfortable and welcoming space in which it is safe to explore issues and find creative solutions.

‘Miro’s approach was both practical and emotionally supportive. I struggled with feeling down and he helped me to understand why I felt so stuck and how to connect to my inner strength again. I recovered fully and my life is so much more enjoyable now. I am very grateful.’

‘When I met Miro I suffered from anxiety and self-doubt. What struck me most was Miro’s unrelenting trust and belief in me, especially at times when I felt lost and wanted to give up therapy. Our sessions were very helpful for me, and I’m still benefiting from the skills I’ve learnt.’

‘Miro could really tune into what I was feeling and thinking, which helped me to understand myself better. I was going through a painful divorce and felt overwhelmed. Miro helped me to be more in control of my feelings again – his support was invaluable.’

‘I am very grateful for the support Miro gave me and for making me recognise that I was still a worthy person during a very difficult time of my life. The sessions were extremely helpful. I am now much more at ease with myself and can enjoy things again. Thank you so much.’

‘Miro is a very skilful counsellor. I saw other counsellors before but with Miro I felt understood and truly supported. He was both very encouraging but also sometimes challenging and I needed that. I will always draw on the skills I learned in my sessions.’

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